Fletching Jigs

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Get ready to take your arrow-making game to the next level with our roundup of the best Fletching Jigs on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, these innovative tools will help you create the perfect, symmetrical fletchings every time. So, let’s dive in and discover the top choices that will make your arrows stand out!

The Top 5 Best Fletching Jigs

  1. Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig for Efficient Vane Repair and Customization — Bohning Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig — Efficiently fletch up to three crossbow vanes at once with custom offset or helical configurations, maximizing clamp pressure for optimal vane adhesion and fast, easy cleanup.
  2. Die Cast Fletching Jig with Adjustable Offset — Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Base — Right Helical offers precise fletching accuracy with adjustable offset, diecast frame, and various fletch configurations, with diecast jig available separately.
  3. Carbon Arrow Fletching Jig for Broadhead Flight — The Arizona E-Z Fletch Carbon is a versatile fletching jig designed for carbon arrows, perfect for precise 1/3 alignment and helical adjustments, and recommended by AFC and Beman for broadhead flight.
  4. Small Diameter Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Fletching — Easton’s EZ Fletch Jig Small Diameter Multi Kit is a reliable and versatile solution for accurately fletching arrows, perfect for customizing your own or repairing older ones.
  5. Compact and Versatile Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Preparation — The Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher-GT is a compact and user-friendly fletching jig with a True Contact Design, offering versatile helical configurations for fletching 3 or 4 fletch arrows, made in China.

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Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig for Efficient Vane Repair and Customization

Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig for Efficient Vane Repair and Customization | Image

I recently had the chance to try out the Bohning Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for crossbow shooters! I was quite impressed with the easy setup and the ability to fletch three vanes at once at a precise 120-degree angle apart. It made my life as a crossbow enthusiast so much easier.

One of the standout features for me was the maximum clamp pressure, which ensured the vane adhesion was always optimal. I also loved how easy it was to clean up — the acetone made it a breeze. But, on the downside, I found it a bit challenging to switch between the two degree right offset and the three degree helical with different attachments.

Overall, if you’re looking for a vane fletching system for your crossbow bolts, this Bohning Crossbow Tower Fletching Jig is definitely worth considering. It made my fletching process so much more efficient and enjoyable!

Die Cast Fletching Jig with Adjustable Offset

Die Cast Fletching Jig with Adjustable Offset | Image

As an avid archer, I’ve tried my fair share of fletching jigs, but the Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Base has truly been a game-changer for me. The first thing I noticed was the die-casting — it just felt sturdy and well-built. The top and bottom adjustment knobs were incredibly easy to use, allowing me to achieve a perfectly straight or diagonal fletch with ease.

One feature that really stood out to me was the ability to create a left or right helical fletch. This has been a pain point for me in the past, but with this jig, it’s now a breeze. Plus, the option to choose the standard straight, right, or left nock receiver made it even more convenient to use.

However, there’s a little downside to the experience — the jig and clamp are sold separately, which can be a bit confusing for some users. In my case, I had to place another order just to get the clamp. Nevertheless, once I received the clamp, I was able to start fletching right away.

Overall, the Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Base has been a huge improvement in my archery equipment. It’s robust, easy to use, and allows for a wide range of fletching styles. While the separate purchase of the clamp can be a bit of a bummer, it doesn’t take away from the overall quality and performance of the jig.

Carbon Arrow Fletching Jig for Broadhead Flight

Carbon Arrow Fletching Jig for Broadhead Flight | Image

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the Arizona E-Z Fletch Carbon — Right Helical, and I’d know because I’ve grown quite fond of it. It’s not every day you meet a tool that can handle a variety of shafts with such ease. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not as complicated as an arithmetic problem or fixing a car engine, but it’s a refreshing change from the tedious work of manual fletching.

In my experience, I’ve found this tool to be quite reliable. It fits a wide range of shafts with astonishing accuracy. The 6-degree right helical style is perfect for broadhead flight, and I must say, the precision it holds is quite impressive. But, it’s not without its flaws. Sometimes, the carbon-based material can be a bit fiddly, especially when applying the adhesive or trying to secure the feathers.

Another thing that stood out was the device’s straightforward design. It’s almost like a game of slots — the perfect fit of the vane, the shaft, and the feather in their respective slots. However, the slight delay in the accuracy of the helical angle did leave a bit of room for improvement.

I’d recommend this tool for anyone looking for efficiency and a little bit of fletching magic in their daily routine. Just remember to have a bit of patience as it might not be 100% perfect the first time around.

Small Diameter Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Fletching

Small Diameter Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Fletching | Image

I recently had the chance to try out Easton’s EZ-Fletch Jig Set and let me tell you, it has made all the difference in my arrow fletching experience. As someone who enjoys archery, having a reliable fletching jig is essential. This set is perfect for customizing or repairing arrows to ensure the best flight possible.

One aspect that truly stands out is the versatility of this jig. It works with both small and large arrow diameters, and I was able to fletch a variety of arrows quickly and easily. The included mini-helical tool and extra set of arms were a great addition, allowing me to switch between different styles effortlessly.

However, I did notice a minor drawback with this jig. While it worked efficiently most of the time, I experienced an issue when attempting to align the arms properly. This required some trial and error, but with practice, I was able to achieve the desired result.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with Easton’s EZ-Fletch Jig Set. It allows me to create beautiful, well-fletched arrows with minimal hassle. Despite the minor issue mentioned, the ease of use and effectiveness make it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced archers alike.

Compact and Versatile Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Preparation

Compact and Versatile Fletching Jig for Easy Arrow Preparation | Image

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher-GT, and I gotta say, it’s been a game-changer for my arrow fletching process. This compact device is incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced archers alike.

The True Contact Design is what really sets this fletcher apart from others on the market. It ensures a perfect mating of the shaft and vane every single time, regardless of the helical configuration or arrow size. Plus, it can fletch 3 or 4 fletch arrows, giving you even more flexibility in the process.

There are a few minor downsides, though. One is that it takes a bit longer to fletch a dozen arrows compared to some other fletching jigs. Additionally, I found that I needed to be extra careful when applying glue to avoid any excess oozing out and sticking the vane to the base. With just a bit of extra patience and attention, these issues are easily manageable.

Overall, the Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher-GT is a fantastic tool that’s made my arrow fletching experience more enjoyable and more accurate. If you’re in the market for a new fletching jig, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

Buyer’s Guide

Fletching jigs have become an essential tool for many archers and bowhunters who want to create their arrows. These devices simplify the process of fletching arrows by guiding and holding the arrow shaft in place while you attach the vanes. With the help of a fletching jig, you can perfect your fletching skills and create high-quality arrows that fly straight and true. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the important features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the best fletching jig for your needs.


Types of Fletching Jigs

There are different types of fletching jigs available in the market, including manual and electric jigs. Manual jigs are simpler and more affordable, while electric jigs offer more precision and efficiency. Manual jigs are suitable for beginners and those who prefer a traditional approach, while electric jigs are ideal for experienced archers and professional bowhunters who demand high-quality, consistent results.

Ease of Use

When choosing a fletching jig, consider its ease of use. Look for a jig that is easy to set up, adjust, and operate. Some jigs have multiple adjustment options, allowing you to fine-tune the placement of your vanes. A user-friendly jig will save you time and effort, making the fletching process more enjoyable and efficient.


Accuracy and Precision

The accuracy and precision of a fletching jig are crucial factors to consider. An accurate jig ensures that your vanes are attached at the correct angle and in the proper position, reducing the chance of arrow flight issues. Look for a jig that has a built-in measuring system or a reference guide to help you achieve the ideal fletching layout.

Material and Durability

The material and durability of a fletching jig also play a significant role in its performance and lifespan. Choose a jig made of high-quality, sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. A well-built jig will provide consistent results over time and require minimal maintenance.



What is a fletching jig?

A fletching jig is a tool that helps arrow makers achieve a consistent and precise alignment of feathers on arrows, ensuring a stable and accurate flight during hunting or target shooting. This tool simplifies the fletching process and produces feathered arrows with a more professional and professional look.

With the help of a fletching jig, you can easily control the gap between the feathers and maintain accurate angles, even when working with different type of arrows. This will result in arrows that are better balanced and more aerodynamic, leading to improved accuracy and performance in the field or at the range.


What are the different types of fletching jigs available?

Fletching jigs come in various types, each designed to cater to different types of arrows and feathering methods. Some of the most common types of fletching jigs include single-blade jigs, single-rod or double-rod jigs, and universal jigs. Each type has its own advantages and limitations, so it is essential to consider the specific needs of your arrows and feathering technique before selecting a particular jig.

Additionally, many jigs come with customizable features, such as interchangeable blades or rods that can be adjusted to match the length and style of your arrows. This allows users to personalize their jig to their specific requirements and achieve optimal results. Some fletching jigs are also designed to be portable and lightweight, making them suitable for both experienced arrow makers and beginners.

Are fletching jigs easy to use?

Yes, most fletching jigs are user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners with little to no experience in arrow making. Many products come with clear instructions and guidelines that explain the step-by-step process of using the jig for fletching. Most jigs also feature adjustable settings that allow users to customize the alignment and angle of the feathers. This enables them to create consistent and aesthetically pleasing fletching on an array of arrows.

While it may take some time and practice to perfect the fletching process, mastering the use of a fletching jig can greatly enhance the accuracy and performance of your arrows. Once you familiarize yourself with the jig and develop a steady hand, you could be producing precision-fletched arrows in no time.


What are the benefits of using a fletching jig?

Fletching jigs offer a range of benefits for arrow makers, including improved accuracy, reliability, and consistency. By using a fletching jig, you can achieve a precise alignment and angle of the feathers, ensuring that your arrows fly smoothly and stably. This translates to better target accuracy and increased hunting efficiency in the field.

Additionally, using a fletching jig can save you time and effort, as it automates many of the intricate steps involved in the fletching process. This not only reduces the likelihood of mistakes but also allows you to produce a higher volume of arrows within a shorter time frame. And with a well-designed fletching jig, you’ll be able to achieve professional-quality results, regardless of your skill level or experience in arrow making.

Can different types of arrows be fletched with a fletching jig?

Yes, most modern fletching jigs are versatile and can accommodate a variety of arrows with various styles and lengths of feathers, making them suitable for a broad range of applications. Whether you’re fletching hunting arrows, target arrows, or competitions arrows, a good fletching jig can help you achieve consistent and precise results.

That said, it is essential to select a jig that is compatible with your specific arrows and feathering requirements. Some fletching jigs may be more suitable for lightweight target arrows, while others may be better suited for heavy-duty hunting arrows with larger feathers. It is also crucial to use the appropriate blades, rods, or mechanisms for your chosen feathers and arrow construction to ensure optimal performance.

How do I maintain my fletching jig?

To ensure the longevity and accuracy of your fletching jig, it is essential to properly maintain and store it. First, clean the jig after every use, removing any debris or excess feather material. This helps to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt, which can hinder the jig’s performance over time. You should also check the jig’s moving parts and mechanisms for any signs of wear or damage, and tighten or replace them as necessary.

When not in use, store your fletching jig in a protective case or pouch, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This helps to prevent damage from exposure to the elements and can prolong the life of your jig. Regularly checking the jig for signs of wear, cleaning, and proper storage will help ensure that it remains in good condition and continues to function effectively for many years to come.

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